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Certified training school by EASA & Civil Aviation Service, Drone Pilot Training School with high quality training at our approved center

With the innovative courses from the training center of Patras Drone Academy and with the certification of EASA and the CAA. you will be able to get the pilot license, online from a modern training center of asynchronous & modern training !!

Are you a drone operator and do not know exactly what the new EU & EASA Drone Regulation means?

You have already heard about the new EU & EASA Drone regulation and you have questions, you have already spent a lot of time searching for information on the Internet, which has confused you. Then you feel like most EU Drone operators. We fully understand you, because there are many new laws on drone operations in Greece and in the European Union. In your search for a suitable training center, you also visited the “Patras Drone Academy” to advise you to feel safe to register and become a certified UAS remote operator license holder.


We at Patras Drone Academy know the right solution for your needs


The ultimate online course for acquiring A1-A3 & A2 open class Drone according to EASA.

Innovative, functional and well-structured online courses and your personal trainer explain the most important things about aviation law, Privacy & Privacy, SORA, UAS flight safety and more. It guides you to understand the new EU UAS Regulation. Our goal at the end of the course is to know exactly what you are allowed and what you are not and your success in the distance exams.

Available 24/7

The lessons of the training center are available 24/7 and you can start immediately, whether you use a laptop, tablet or smartphone, everything works. This is the fastest and best way to get a UAS remote operator license today !!

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Once registered, you can start learning right away and have access to all the content. Most students are ready for the exam in a short period of 6-7 days. After passing the online exams, you will receive your digital at the official site of EASA.

Online exams


We are a recognized training center, with the certification of the CAA and EASA, where you can obtain the license of remote operator A1-A3 and A2 exclusively remotely !!! With license number EL-UAS-TC-14

Global support

The online courses in most of the infrastructure are Cloud based and consist of servers and network equipment of the latest technology, are in the standards of the best international standard means of audiovisual communication and are certified according to the ISO standards as well as internationally recognized distinctions.


Guarantee of success

Be sure that we offer the best method for obtaining a UAS remote operator license of the open category as well as the special one. With us you will have the opportunity to do as many repetitions as you need before giving your exams, result !!! 100% success. We are also so confident in our quality work that if you are not satisfied with the online courses, we will refund your money in full within 24 hours.

Categories & Subcategories


-Treats operations in the lowest risk category, where safety is ensured by the operator who meets the relevant requirements for its intended operation.
-This category is subdivided into three additional subcategories called A1, A2 and A3.
-Operational risks in the “Open” category are considered so low that no authorization is required prior to commencement
of the flight.


-Covers the most dangerous companies, when the operator ensures the safety that is licensed by the competent national authority before the start of the business, after conducting a safety risk assessment, which will determine the necessary requirements for safe work.
-Except for some standard scenarios where the operator statement is adequate or has a light UAS (LUC) pilot certificate


When the safety risk is so high that the safety is ensured through the certification of the operator and the drone, as well as with the licensing of the drone pilots in order to ensure an appropriate level of safety.

Remote Operator Licenses Are Divided into 3 Categories & Subcategories

A1 from 0 to 900gr with subcategories

C0: 0 to 250 gr - C1: 250gr to 900 gr - homemade: up to 250gr

A2 from 900gr to 4kg with subcategory

C2: 900 gr to 4 kg

A3 from 4kg to 25 kg with subcategories

C3-C4: 4 kg to 25 kg - C4: Own construction up to 25kg


UAS Remote Operator Certificate

Online courses include:
A) 9 modules of courses with videos and analysis of each module with the questionnaires for the A1 – A3 open category


B) 3 modules of courses with videos and analysis of each module with their questionnaires for the A2 open category

C) The written exams for obtaining a UAS remote pilot license A1-A3 with 40 questions & A2 with 30 open category questions but also special (EU remote pilot certificate) according to the new legislation of EASA & CAA.

Flight Training

To obtain a certified A2 class license, you must submit a responsible statement of practical training, if you are thinking, “Okay, what should I do and most importantly, how do I do it?”, Then the flight instruction course is for you .
Starting with a 1 to 2 day individual training program, with UAS certified instructors and a state-of-the-art Drone, you learn to fly safely and confidently.
They teach: Principles of teaching SMEA handling including basic maneuvers, coordination maneuvers, emergency maneuvers, demonstration of the most common mistakes and restoration of SMEA safety.